It is the pleasure of the management and faculty of the East & West Education System, to extend a warm welcome to our students. We have a desire to produce scholars and professionals imbedded with character, personality and sound knowledge of Law and also being capable to meet the economic, social, political and intellectual needs of the modern times.

The world today is in a chaotic condition, where a dire need to produce professionals of the highest caliber is felt amongst all competing nations. Proficient workforce guarantees the country to be able to participate on any front thereby putting the nation on equal footing in the race for advancement and development. Quest for knowledge has been a defining characteristic of rising nations and as a developing nation, it is imperative that we seek knowledge in every field.

The East & West Education System has been designed and established, keeping in mind the very needs and shortcomings. We can assure our students the ability to produce the finest and highly motivated professionals. Aspiring full confidence in our faculty and students alike; we guarantee that our students can adeptly compete at par with the whole world at all levels. We confidently assure and encourage you that the coming years of your future will not only be academically rewarding; but also be enjoyable and will lead you on the path of success and prosperous professional life.



Welcome to East & West Law College. A law school experience ultimately is about people—your professors, the school’s staff, your fellow students and all who comprise the School’s community. I am confident that you will find East West Law College within Top Education experience to be one of the most engaging, impactful and transformative experiences of your life. These experiences and the knowledge and skills you acquire will leave you well prepared for the future. Our experienced faculty and staff are dedicated to your success, helping you to gain your legal qualifications and use your law degree in one of many possible career directions a law degree may take you.

Our vision is to provide state of the art education to the youth of Pakistan on their door steps and to provide them with the knowledge of international standards. Established in 2007, East & West Law College has played a pivotal role in education and training of lawyers, some of whom have risen to positions of high prominence in the judiciary and at public bars and beyond.

We intend to install the art of creativity amongst the students as per requirement of the international community. The only way of our success is to acquire sound knowledge and to honestly implement it in our practical life. Knowledge certainly is power and our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has directed the Ummah to acquire knowledge even if one has to travel to China for this purpose. The East & West Education System has taken the initiative in this respect. Our mission is to provide knowledge to the people of Pakistan in the easiest and most affordable way. For the majority of persons the program of study at East & West Law College involves the pursuit of expertise in compulsory courses. The course of study normally begins in September of each year and lasts for 5 years. Its ultimate objective is to equip graduates with the intellectual and technical skills and knowledge that they will need to be successful practitioners in diverse areas of law. Details on various aspects of Law School’s offerings are to be found on this website. I hope the East & West Law College will provide a stimulating and challenging environment for the development of your legal skills and knowledge. Let us join hands and work shoulder to shoulder to uplift Pakistan as dreams by the Father of the Nation (Muhammad Ali Jinnah).

With Best Wishes,

Yousaf M Qureshi